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Yesterday saw the publication of Jeremy Walker’s last ever article for his column ‘A View From a Brit’.

Whenever I talk to people about ‘Football Japan’, many of them respond ‘oh, you mean the site with Kagawa-san’s and Jeremy’s columns’. Jeremy’s work has truly been a core feature of our websites for a number of years.

Under a title that parodies the play ‘A View from the Bridge’, this Englishman’s messages on Japanese football – though occasionally critical – have been full of typically British sense and wit, and widely admired by those who read them.

We are all extremely grateful for his contribution to Japanese football.

Jeremy, thank you very much.

Jeremy will now take on a publicity role ahead of the Asian Games to be held in China later this year. We wish him all the best for his new challenges in China, and hope to see him again in Japan some time soon.

Football Japan will continue to provide a British perspective on Japanese football with a column by another English writer, Ben Mabley, entitled ‘English blood, Osakan heart’ (a play on a famous Morrissey song!) – we hope you enjoy it.

Ben! This is a great responsibility!

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